IEEE Secure Development Conference

September 25 - 27, 2019
Hilton McLean Tysons Corner
McLean, VA

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy


Posted on: January 17th, 2019 by Shelby Allen
Call For Practitioner Session Abstracts

We solicit ​​abstracts​ ​from​ ​practitioners​ ​to​ ​share​ ​their​ ​practical experiences​ ​and​ ​challenges​ ​in​ ​security​ ​development. Submissions should provide novel ​perspectives​ ​and​ ​insights.

(SecDev also seeks full-length papers, tutorials, posters, and tool demos. Information on these solicitations are available on the SecDev website

Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):
  • Security-focused​ ​system​ ​designs​ ​(HW/SW/architecture)
  • Tools​ ​and​ ​methodology​ ​for​ ​secure​ ​code​ ​development
  • Risk​ ​management​ ​and​ ​testing​ ​strategies​ ​to​ ​improve​ ​security
  • Security​ ​engineering​ ​processes,​ ​from​ ​requirements​ ​to​ ​maintenance
  • Programming​ ​languages,​ ​development​ ​tools,​ ​and​ ​ecosystems​ ​supporting​ ​security
  • Static​ ​program​ ​analysis​ ​for​ ​software​ ​security
  • Dynamic​ ​analysis​ ​and​ ​runtime​ ​approaches​ ​for​ ​software​ ​security
  • Automation​ ​of​ ​programming,​ ​deployment,​ ​and​ ​maintenance​ ​tasks​ ​for​ ​security
  • Distributed​ ​systems​ ​design​ ​and​ ​implementation​ ​for​ ​security
  • Privacy by design
  • Human-centered​ ​design​ ​for​ ​systems​ ​security
  • Formal​ ​verification​ ​and​ ​other​ ​high-assurance​ ​methods​ ​for​ ​security
  • Code​ ​reviews,​ ​red​ ​teams,​ ​and​ ​other​ ​human-centered​ ​assurance

Submission​ ​Details

The website for submissions is

Practitioner Session Abstracts may be at most one page, formatted using​ ​the​ ​two-column​ ​IEEE​ ​Proceedings​ ​style: The​ ​abstracts​ ​will​ ​be​ ​lightly​ ​reviewed. Submissions should not be anonymized. We​ ​strongly​ ​encourage​ ​practitioners​ ​from​ ​the​ ​industry​ ​and​ ​government​ ​to​ ​submit,​ ​to share​ ​their​ ​security​ ​experiences​ ​and​ ​insights,​ ​challenges​ ​and​ ​obstacles​ ​encountered. Authors​ ​of​ ​accepted​ ​abstracts​ ​will​ ​be​ ​invited​ ​to​ ​give​ ​a​ ​short​ ​talk​ ​during​ ​the​ Practitioners’ Sessions​ ​at​ ​the​ ​conference.​ ​The​ ​abstracts​ ​will​ ​be​ ​included​ ​in​ ​the​ ​conference’s​ ​IEEE proceedings.

We​ ​are​ ​devoted​ ​to​ ​seeking​ ​broad​ ​representation​ ​in​ ​the​ ​program,​ ​and​ ​may​ ​take​ ​this​ ​into​ ​account when​ ​reviewing​ ​multiple​ ​submissions​ ​from​ ​the​ ​same​ ​authors.​ ​

If​ ​you​ ​have​ ​any​ ​questions​,​ please​ ​email​ ​​

Important​ ​Dates

  • Poster, Tool Demo, and Practitioners’​ Session​ Abstract​ ​submission: Wednesday July 10, 2019 (11:59 PM AoE, UTC-12)
  • Poster, Tool Demo, and Practitioners’​ Session​ Abstract ​notification: Monday July 29, 2019
  • Conference: Wednesday September​ ​25​ ​to Friday​ September​ ​27,​ ​2019

Additional ​Dates

  • Abstracts due for Paper​ ​and​ ​tutorial​ ​submissions: Monday April 15, 2019 (11:59 PM AoE, UTC-12)
  • Paper​ ​and​ ​tutorial​ ​submission: Monday April 22, 2019 (11:59 PM AoE, UTC-12)
  • Paper​ ​and​ ​tutorial​ ​notification: Monday June 10, 2019
  • Camera-ready​ ​versions​ of Papers and Abstracts: Monday August 12, 2019