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2024 awards

Posted on: April 5th, 2024 by SecDev
Call for Nominations
IEEE Cybersecurity Award for Practice
(Award Committee Chair: Riana Pfefferkorn, Stanford Internet Observatory) – Committee

The IEEE Computer Society Cybersecurity Award for Practice is intended to recognize individuals and small teams who are generating transformative cybersecurity capabilities that have been realized. They will be awarded for:

  • Game-changing ideas that have substantially advanced, or have the potential to substantially advance, the practice of cybersecurity.
  • Approaches for designing or building novel cybersecurity systems whose impact can be quantified in terms of cost, time, and/or effectiveness.
  • Authorship of widely used policies, educational material, and/or best practices in implementation or engineering.
  • Work accelerating tech transfer of cybersecurity products, toward the enabling of cost-aware, secure solutions.
Previous Awardees

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The IEEE Cybersecurity Award is intended for individuals, but may also be awarded to a team of no more than five people for collaborative work.

Criteria for the awards shall include: impact on the cybersecurity profession and/or society, significant technical or other contributions, leadership in accomplishing worthwhile goal(s), and other achievements as evidenced by publications, patents, or other evidence.

Recipients of the awards must attend the associated conference. A short presentation by the winner or a member of the winning team, highlighting the winning work, is expected.

The IEEE Cybersecurity Award for Practice will be awarded annually for significant practical advancement in cybersecurity. Nominators must describe a specific cybersecurity practice advanced by the nominee(s), and address the following points:

      • What cybersecurity issue does this practice help resolve, and why is solving this problem important?
      • Describe the implementation of the practice. How did its implementation lead to concrete improvements in the domain in which it was deployed?
      • Describe why the practice has led to, or could lead to, transformative impact in the cybersecurity discipline.
      • Brief biographies and/or summaries of other notable work by the nominee(s).

Nominations may not exceed 1,000 words. In addition, nominators may optionally include a single document authored by the nominee(s) (e.g., a whitepaper or peer-reviewed publication) to provide additional details.

Submission​ ​Details

Please​ ​email to ​​

Important​ ​Dates

    • Nomination Due: May, 24, 2024